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Online Banking

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RETAIL Online Banking

BANK'34 Online Banking is FREE and available to our customers 24/7! You can do your banking and manage your money, whenever and wherever you want - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With BANK'34 Online, you can conduct an assortment of banking services, such as:

  • View account balances and history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Print account history
  • Make a loan payment
  • Reset password with Forgot Password link

BANK'34 is committed to keeping your personal financial data safe and secure. For a demonstration of how to use Online Banking go to and click the "Online Banking Learn More" link.

BANK'34 Online Experience

Anytime access and quick navigation. Our Retail Online offers around-the-clock access to real-time financial information, including account balances, payments, interest and more. Streamlined navigation lets customers log in and go directly to the place that has the information they need, requiring fewer clicks to perform financial tasks online.

Landing Page. The enhanced overview landing page provides immediate access to the features customers use most often, all presented in a visually appealing and user-friendly format. This convenient page acts as a launching pad that provides access to many features from one place. Customers can view a snapshot of their spending habits, make bill payments and person-to-person payments, get account balances and transfer funds between accounts more quickly and easily than ever.

Convenient Transaction Viewing. Detailed transaction information is available and can be easily sorted by date, amount, number and description. For more convenient viewing, account activity is categorized as Current Business Day Transactions, Activity from Last Login, Current Statement and Previous Statement. To speed research, a dynamic search engine helps customers retrieve in-depth information about specific transactions, even if only a few details are known. Search results are able to be sorted into categories and exported to financial management software, or to a comma-separated file for reconciliation and analysis.

Spending Report. A colorful Spending Report provides customers with a snapshot of their spending activity by displaying categorized transactions in a pie chart. This useful PFM tool is available at a glance on the Retail Online landing page. Through enhanced extended history, your customers also have the ability to modify elements of the Spending Report to meet their unique needs, enhancing usability and overall satisfaction. For easy analysis, each category offers a link to transaction details.

Extended Account History. Enhanced extended history integration offers the ability to access and categorize extended transaction history. For example, customers can view their year-to-date transactions in the "Expense: Utilities (Water/Gas/Electric)" category, and then export them to accounting or tax preparation programs to help manage budgets and itemize expenses.

Transfers Made Easy. With Retail Online, transfers between accounts held at your organization are made quickly and easily. And through integration with Interbank Transfers, customers have the ability to move funds to and from their accounts at different financial institutions.

Check Image Retrieval. Retail Online enables customers to search and view archived images in real time. For double-sided images, such as checks, both the front and back of each image can be viewed. Archived images are grouped by transaction, simplifying the process of retrieving all images associated with a particular transaction. This assists with research and saves time when reviewing transaction history.

e Statements

Our eStatements are a free alternative to receiving your bank account statement(s) in the mail each month or quarter. With this convenient service, you'll receive your statements electronically. We'll send you an email each time letting you know your statement is available to view and download online. eStatements look just like your paper statements; they include all of the same disclosures, check balancing information and check images too. It's easy and offers several benefits over paper statements. (See more under Personal Banking - Deposits & eStatements tab.)

  • Free - 100% free for your eligible checking and savings accounts. There is not a fee to receive eStatements.
  • Faster delivery - Why wait for your statement to be printed and mailed each month? eStatements are available to you the moment they are posted to Online Banking!
  • Eco-friendly - Help reduce paper and conserve resources. We understand that conserving paper and other precious resources is important to our customers.
  • Convenient and saves time - Access past statements anytime, anywhere. eStatements are stored securely in Online Banking for 18 months from the date they are posted for convenient reference. You also have the option of downloading your eStatement as a PDF and storing it on your computer, or another storage device, for future access.
  • More Secure - Stop shredding your bank statements to safeguard your financial information. eStatements are password protected in online banking. BANK'34 Online Banking offers an added layer of security to the login process to further validate your identity designed to help protect against fraud and identity theft.
  • Safer - than regular mail by reducing amount of private information in your mailbox that is susceptible to being lost or stolen or misused
  • It is easy - Once you sign up for eStatements, we'll send you an email when your eStatement is ready to view and download the electronic version of your statement. You'll logon to a secure site to retrieve it. It's that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions - Retail Online Banking

Q: What if I forgot my Password?
A: There is a "Did you forget password" link on the page after you type in your correct Access ID. You will need to enter your email address on file. The email is sent with the current password listed. You will need to log in again with the current password and prompted to change to a new password.

Q: What if I forgot my Access ID and Password?
A: Because of our deep commitment to your privacy and the security of your information, we will need a written, signed request if you forgot your Access ID and Password to reset this information. Please contact us at (575) 437-9334 for further instructions, or stop by one of our locations so that we may assist you.

Q: What precautions can I take to keep my information private?
A: Keep your password confidential.
Never let anyone else use it, and change it frequently.
Never pick a password that could be easily guessed.
Never leave your computer on with Online Banking active.
When finished, make sure you completely exit the system.

Q: Is BANK'34 Online secure?
A: Yes. BANK'34 is deeply committed to the safety and security of all customer information. We use the most technologically advanced ways to safeguard information, including encryption of your personal information.

Q: What is encryption?
A: Encryption is a process that scrambles sensitive information into a series of unrecognizable characters so that it cannot be read or used by others.

Q: If I need assistance, whom do I call?
A: Please call (575) 437-9334 in Alamogordo or (575) 521-8100 in Las Cruces, during normal business hours.

Q: Are there times internet banking is not available?
A: Online banking is generally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except during special maintenance and upgrade periods (e.g., preventive maintenance is done on the system hardware on Sunday nights, which routinely is scheduled between 10pm MST Sunday night and can go until 4am MST Monday morning). Refer to TERMS & CONDITIONS for complete AGREEMENT & DISCLOSURES---click New Online Users Enroll Here button.

How to Enroll for Online Banking

  • Enrolling for BANK'34 Online Banking is easy! If you have an account with BANK'34, go to and click on the "New online users enroll here" link to the left of your screen for "auto-enrollment" to BANK'34 Online internet banking. If you do not have a BANK'34 account, please visit one of our offices to establish your account relationship with us.
  • Once you apply, you will receive a message explaining the two notices you will receive via US mail in the next 3-5 business days. One will contain your Access ID and the other will contain your Temporary Password. Once you have received both notices, go to and use the Access ID (you received in the mail) at the Online Banking Login area. Then use your Temporary Password (you received in the mail) on the next screen after you pressed the Login button. You will be prompted to change your password at that time. You will also have the option of customizing your Access ID as well.
  • We have added a layer of security to the Internet Banking login process to further validate your identity designed to keep your personal account information protected from fraud and identity theft. Additional security measures also provide another level of assurance for you to confirm that you are accessing our valid Internet Banking website. This two-way image and pass phrase authentication provides you with the assurance that you have not been redirected to a spoofed or fraudulent website. You can then conduct your Internet Banking transactions with peace of mind that your information is safe. If you do not see your image and phrase after completing the enrollment process, you should contact us before entering any information.

During the enrollment process, you will complete a number of activities:

  • View your current email address on file
  • View your authentication image (a unique image you choose)
  • Enter your authentication pass phrase (a unique corresponding phrase you choose)
  • Provide answers to a series of challenge questions
  • Decide whether or not to register your computer.
    If you are using a public computer at that time, such as in an Internet cafe or library, you may still complete the enrollment process. Later, you may register a non-public computer you usually use to access Internet Banking, such as your home or office computer. There is no limitation on the number of computers you may register.

If you are a returning user, enter your Access ID, found to the left of the page. There is a dropdown to choose where to take you to: the "Enhanced Overview Landing Page" for a complete online experience and snapshot of all your accounts or "Primary Account Summary". Next, click the "Log In" button. The Password verification is on the next page, simply enter it in the appropriate field and click "Submit".


With BANK'34 BILL PAY, you can receive and pay bills online without writing checks or buying stamps. The bill pay service lets you pay anyone in the U.S. that you would normally pay by check or automated debit directly from your BANK'34 checking account that you specify.


  • Guaranteed. When you pay bills via your paper checkbook and traditional mail, there is no way to prove you mailed your check on time. CheckFree WebPay maintains the product and offers a 100% Guarantee that your bill payments will get to where you designate on the date you specify. Payments are private, secure and guaranteed to arrive on time. You just tell the Bill Pay system whom to pay and either an electronic payment or a check for the amount you have indicated will be issued. The system determines whether a payment is sent electronically or by check, based on whether the payee accepts electronic payments and other guidelines. CheckFree WebPay is the leading provider of financial electronic commerce services and products.
  • Convenient/Saves time. Pay all your bills in minutes from your checking account-all with just a click of your mouse. Pay bills whenever you want, wherever you want-24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pay anyone, anytime, anywhere in the U.S., from your mortgage lender to your newspaper carrier.
  • Easy to manage. Track and view your payment history online and in one place. You have the ability to schedule payments from multiple BANK'34 checking accounts. When you schedule a payment, you specify the date that you want the payee to receive the payment. No more signing ACH forms to make changes and guessing when those changes will take place, you have the power to immediately make those changes online. In addition, data may be downloaded into Quicken or Microsoft Money.
  • Saves money. Save money on buying stamps, envelopes and bank checks. The potential of saving on late charges and minimize interest charges on payments arriving when they should. The best part, BANK'34 Bill Pay is FREE with UNLIMITED monthly transactions!

Features of Bill Pay - simply the best way to manage your payments

  • Pay Virtually Anyone. From the local bakery to a Fortune 500 Company, even your baby sitter.
  • Send Money to Friends and Family. All you need is their email address or cell phone number.
  • Overnight Payment service available.
  • Person to Person (P2P) payment with Popmoney® available.
  • Account to Account (A2A) transfer available.
  • Group Payments into Categories. Organize your utilities, cable and phone into a folder named household.
  • Receive eBills. Green, more convenient, more secure and easier to manage.
  • Reminders. Receive updates through email when you receive a bill, or when it's due.
  • Automatic Payments. Great for bills that stay the same each month, like your rent and your car loan.
  • Search Bill History. Search by company, date and status, the moment you need an answer, wherever you are.
  • Message Center. Get quick answers to questions you might have.
  • Completely safe. More secure than mailing paper checks.

How to Enroll in Bill Pay

Step 1: Enrollment.

To utilize BANK'34 Bill Pay, you must first enroll for BANK'34 Online. Once you have enrolled to Online Banking, click on a checking account number to display the "Bill Payment" button. You will be asked to submit your email address to start the enrollment process. The email address from your caller record is pre-filled into the box displayed for this, but you may change it if you need to make corrections or wish to use a different address. Then you will have to agree to BANK'34's Bill Pay Terms and Conditions document displayed in the same window. Scroll to the bottom of that document and click on an "Accept" button to continue to the next step.

Step 2: Verify Enrollment.

The Bill Pay Enrollment Form is displayed with most of the required fields already populated from the caller record information. You will then scroll through the form to verify the information and complete any missing fields. The Account Number field is pre-filled for you with the number of the account you clicked on to get to the bill payment button to start the enrollment process. This field is locked down and cannot be changed in the form, but once enrolled you will have the option to add additional accounts for bill pay online within the Bill Pay site itself.

CheckFree WebPay verifies your customer information with a consumer credit reporting agency for security and protection. This verification process does not affect your credit report or credit rating.

During the verification process, several questions are asked that help to verify your identity. These questions are based on the information contained in your credit report. Answering these questions further protects you from identity fraud.

Step 3: Confirmation message.

If the Bill Pay Enrollment is successful, a confirmation message displays. Click the Finished button to close the "Enrollment Completion" page and you may start using Bill Pay on a limited basis (i.e., up to $400.00) until the account confirmation step is completed.

If CheckFree WebPay is unable to verify enrollment information online, it is still possible to enroll. Click the Print and Complete Enrollment button on the "Enrollment Completion" page to print an enrollment form. You will need to provide the additional documentation that is listed on the enrollment form, and mail the form and documentation as instructed to CheckFree.

Step 4: Account Confirmation.

Each time a new bank account is added to BANK'34 Bill Pay, CheckFree WebPay issues small transactions via ACH to the bank account that you add. These transactions usually occur within three (3) business days and consist of two credits and one debit of less than $1.00 whose amounts offset one another. You will be notified to check your bank statement to find these transaction amounts and provide the dollar amounts of the credit transactions back to CheckFree via Bill Pay. The successful completion of this process by you, gives CheckFree the confidence that you, the subscriber, actually has access to the bank account that was added.


Popmoney® is an innovative personal payment service that eliminates the hassles of checks and cash. Popmoney allows you to send and receive money as easily as you send and receive email and text messages. Best of all, you don't need a separate account. Just use your current U.S. checking or savings account.

With Popmoney, you can send and receive money using your BANK'34 Online Bill Pay. Payment can be sent to a checking, saving or a money market account held at a U.S. financial institution.

How Popmoney Works

Sending Money:

  • To send money, log in to your account by accessing your BANK'34 online banking and look for Popmoney tab.
  • Send money using the recipient's name and email address, mobile number or checking/savings account information. You can even make it special by using one of our eGreetings.
  • You will be notified when the transaction is completed.
  • If your recipient's financial institution is part of the Popmoney network, they can complete the transaction from their own financial institution's online banking site. If not, they can go to to pick up the funds and direct the funds to their bank account.

Receiving Money:

  • You will receive an email or text message telling you someone sent you money.
  • Log in to your BANK'34's online banking site and direct the funds to your bank account.
  • Money sent to a specified bank account will be automatically deposited there.

Frequently Asked Questions - Popmoney

How will the recipient know I sent money using Popmoney?

The recipient will receive a payment notification either by email or a text message depending on how you chose to send the money.

  • Email address: The recipient will receive an email with instructions on how to direct the payment into their checking or savings account.
  • Mobile number: The recipient will receive a text message with instructions on how to direct the payment into their checking or savings account. If the recipient doesn't act in 3 days, they will receive a text message reminder to act on the payment notification.
  • Bank account information (routing and account number): The money will be deposited into the recipient's bank account. You may choose to notify the recipient by sending an email message.

When will the funds be available in the recipient's account?
Funds may be available in the recipient's checking or savings account as early as one business day from the date they accept the funds. The recipient will receive a confirmation email with the date the funds will be in their account.

What type of accounts can I use to send the payments to?
Payment can be sent to a checking, saving or a money market account held at a U.S. financial institution.

Do payments expire?
Yes. The recipient has 10 days from the date of the payment notification to provide checking or savings account information. After 10 days, if the funds have not been accepted, the payment expires and the funds are returned to the sender.

Is the Popmoney service secure?
Yes. Popmoney was created with your financial security in mind. Popmoney is built on the industry's leading online money movement platform and utilizes s uperior risk management and fraud protection services. This is the same online money movement platform used by thousands of financial institutions, including the many of the nation's top banks.

Message and Data charges from your telecommunications provider may apply. Popmoney terms and conditions apply.

Account to Account (A2A) Transfer

A2A enables you to transfer money electronically, in some cases as soon as the next business day, between your BANK'34 accounts and your accounts with other external financial institutions where you hold a U.S. based checking, saving, or money market account.

You will receive an email with instructions for validating the external account. When this one-time validation process is complete, additional transfers can be quickly made to and from the external account without further verification. There is no fee for an incoming A2A Transfer.

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